SkyNote uses innovative detection technologies that analyze the movement and the sound of the performing artist in real time, providing musicians with tools to detect and correct errors, build awareness of their technique, and practice more efficiently.

SkyNote can be adapted to different learning techniques and educational frameworks. It can be used in the practice room, with the teacher, or within specialized institutions. It facilitates real-time and overall evaluation of violin a non-invasive way, and works with commercially available microphones, cameras, and motion-tracking sensors sensors.

SkyNote processes and analyzes audio in real time, giving feedback on pitch and intonation, dynamics, tone quality, and rhythm. This feedback can be displayed in customized widgets or directly on the musical score, allowing for real-time experimentation and overall performance evaluation.



When a motion-tracking device is attached (i.e. a Microsoft Kinect), the system can monitor specific aspects of bowing technique including bow tilt, speed, weight, contact point, inclination, and direction. These visualisations can be paired with custom exercises that allow the learners to isolate and refine specific factors of their bowing skills.