TELMI at the Forum for Musical Education in the 21st century



On the 6th of July 2018, and as part of the activities organized by the ESMUC conservatory in Barcelona under the “Forum for Musical Education in the 21st century”, a workshop has been organized to introduce TELMI and the technologies developed under it.

The forum is an annual event that brings together music education professionals, ESMUC alumni and pedagogical students in general, with the objective of sharing a day of knowledge, exchange and innovation. The Forum exposes a series of pedagogical projects related to the world of musical or artistic education, with the objective of sharing, contrasting and debating them.

During a two-hour presentation, the TELMI project was presented and discussed, revealing its innovative approach to music education through the introduction of high-end technologies in the classroom, the practice room, and other contexts. The students shared their thoughts about the concepts presented and expressed interest in using ViolinRT to practice their lessons. A live demo session has been consequently scheduled to allow interested students to test ViolinRT and evaluate how it could help them in their learning process.