Announcing the 10th Itnl Workshop on Machine Learning and Music

TELMI is participating in the organization of the 10th International Workshop on Machine Learning and Music on October 6th in Barcelona.

MML2017 - Barcelona




Machine learning has permeated nearly every area of music informatics, driven by a profusion of recordings available in digital audio formats, steady improvements to the accessibility and quality of symbolic corpora, availability of powerful algorithms in standard machine learning toolboxes, and theoretical advances in machine learning and data mining. As complexity of the problems investigated by researchers on machine learning and music increases, there is a need to develop new algorithms and methods to solve these problems. As a consequence, research on machine learning and music is an active and growing field reflected in a continuity of international meetings since 2008.




Machine learning holds great potential for enhancing music learning.  For MML2017, in addition to general topics in music and machine learning, we warmly welcome contributions describing applications of machine learning for technology-enhanced music learning. 


More information is available on the Workshop’s website.