Corrado Canepa

University of Genova

Corrado Canepa joins expertise in electronics design and multimedia systems with those of musician and composer: his work embraces, for over thirty years, the field of sound communication in every application, each time involving music, electronics, computer, video, entertainment, education.
As a composer, he won four awards in international competitions with his electro-acoustic works, created in the studio with equipment built largely by himself. His electro-acoustic repertoire was performed both in Italy and abroad (Vienna, Paris, Sao Paulo-Brazil), and also during festivals, monographic concerts, theater and dance. He designed systems and composed for theater, dance, cinema, video production in general, in particular on the sound, speech and music.

Since 1984, he works as scientific collaborator at InfoMus Lab of DIST– University of Genova, where he contributed to the design and development of several applications, multimedia systems for the music theatre performance as well as for the virtual exploration of cultural heritage, for the  exploration of a virtual orchestra as well as exploration of the sounds of the environment in a naturalistic experience of cultural heritage. In particular, in the field of education, he has worked on the design of interactive systems for music learning by children.

Contributing to the TELMI project on the capturing devices and the demos; and as music advisor and content creator.